Carlos Fischer, born in Santa Cruz is a composer and guitarist, is one of the most relevant figures of Bolivia in the world of jazz fusion. 

The music played by his band, Carlos Fischer Band, is composed entirely by Carlos Fischer. It is a music full of stories and emotions, it combines pieces that highlight the inspiration of its melodies, the intense harmonic work and virtuosity, also taking us through other styles such as contemporary instrumental music and progressive rock. 

With a productive career with concerts in America: Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, USA; and in Europe: Spain, Italy, Germany and France, his piece “Without judgments” was nominated by the Hollywood In Media Music Awards for Best Instrumental Theme in 2016. 

He has published two CDs that reveal his compositional richness and have been praised by specialized critics: "Self-portrait" and "Through the Soul." This year he is releasing little by little, singles from his third production called "Infinite Search", which will be published in full at the end of this year, 2020. 

Carlos Fischer studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA, and graduated as a professional musician at the School of Contemporary Music in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Highlighting his ability, Berklee College of Music recognized Fischer's talent by awarding him the Dean's List, an honorary award given to the best graduates. 

In 2018 he was invited, along with his band, to the best jazz festivals in Colombia, Medejazz and Barranquijazz. 

In 2019, he was invited to participate in the MAPAS (Market of Performative Arts of the South Atlantic) to be held in Santa Cruz de Tenerife; to play at the showcases at IMESUR (Latin American Music Industry Meeting) in Chile and CIRCULART, in Medellín, Colombia. 

Also he was invited at the International Jazz à Louviers Festival in France, from which he made his first European tour with his quartet.